About UOGTextbooks.com

What is UOGTextbooks.com?

UOGTextbooks.com is a used textbook sharing platform that enables University of Guelph students to both post their used textbooks for sale and also search for textbooks that they require for the upcoming semester. UOGTextbooks.com allows for buyers to search for textbooks by course code and allows sellers to post their textbooks by simply entering the ISBN number.

Why was UOGTextbooks.com developed?

UOGTextbooks.com was developed as a final project for the course CIS*3210 in the Fall semester of 2012 to address the fact that there is currently no focused or efficient alternative for students to come together and assist one another in sharing textbooks. As students ourselves, we fully understood that textbook prices are outrageously high and that university buyback rates are less than ideal (to say the least). This is merely an attempt to alleviate this in a small way.